Shut up and shut down Netflix.

Lizzy Early

To all of my single friends and single strangers who endlessly complain and whine about their single life:

I keep hearing you say, “I just want to be married” and “Life would be so much better with a boyfriend” and I just want to tell you to shut up and shut down Netflix.  Go out and meet people.  Pointless hours alone in your room watching old episodes of Say Yes to the Dress is not going to help you or your dating life.  You may find the perfect lacy white dress, but there’s no need for a dress without the man in the tux.   I’m not condemning Netflix, I’m just saying you’re not allowed to complain about your single life if you spend more time watching a computer screen than talking to real people.  McDreamy may be your dream man, but he’s not real.  

Get over yourself and take some responsibility for not having a better half.

I’m single—but I don’t complain about it because I know there’s so much more I could be doing.  I could be at parties every night. I could go to the grocery store three times a day hoping to bump into a cute guy in the baking aisle.  I could ask the muscle men at the gym about the weight machines and maybe they would ask for my number.  I could join a dating site or I could “swipe right” on Tinder. But guess what, I don’t.  So I can’t complain.

Do you know what I do when I see a handsome guy?  I don’t talk to him.  I avoid all eye contact and do my best to ignore him.  Smart, right?  Totally brilliant.  I mean, if pretending he doesn’t exist doesn’t say “I love you” then what does?!

So this is my advice to all the single ladies and men… flirt and date with no regrets.

If you’ll regret never saying “hello” to him, never taking a chance and asking her out, never telling him how you really feel, or if you’ll regret not going in for that kiss–then do it! Do it today.

After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen?  It doesn’t work out?  Well if you didn’t give it a shot, it’s wasn’t going to work out anyway.

Be brave.

Or at least as him to watch Netflix with you.

shut up and shut down Netflix- if you want to get a boyfriend


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12 thoughts on “Shut up and shut down Netflix.

  1. 1
    Zack Oates says:

    I still don’t regret the risks you have taken….

  2. 2
    christina says:

    I love your stories! Great messages. If you ever write a book (thats not a cookbook lol) im buying it!

  3. 3
    Dave says:

    Good advice. thank you!

  4. 4
    Jackie Gibson says:

    Again, I so love your “get up & go” philosophy!
    You, Ms . Lizzie Mae, are right on the money!!

    • 4.1

      Thanks!! I wasn’t meaning to be overly sassy or rude, just wanted to remind people (and myself) that we have a lot of power in our dating life and we can’t always blame the people around us 🙂

  5. 5

    While I’m in a serious {is 10 years considered serious?!} relationship, I actually try to follow this advice for making friends. It’s so easy to come home, crawl up with “Orange is the New Black” and get a good night’s sleep but in order to keep building lasting connections, you need to attend events, schedule coffee meetings in advance, etc. Even if I’m tired, I know that I’ll leave the meeting energized after sharing stories with a new girlfriend!

  6. 6
    Holly says:

    Amen. I maintain that marriage does not make an unhappy person happy. If you don’t recognize the joy in life now, you won’t then either. Plus, there are worse things than being single.

  7. 7
    Bonnie says:

    Haha! This is so great 😉 As a fellow BYU grad and hater of complaints without action, I salute you 🙂 I’m married now but one of my very favorite memories at the Y was asking a complete stranger from Biology class if he’d go with me to a girl-ask-guy dance…just because he was totally hot and I thought about him all the time…i didn’t even know his last name. He said yes, we had a great time and hung out a couple times afterwards as well. No, it didn’t go anywhere but it was a ridiculously fearless thing to do and I’m still proud of myself for doing it!
    Love the blog, btw!

  8. 8
    Hana says:

    easy fer you. yer actually very pretty. 🙁

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