Blackberry Forest Cake

The Story: I got stood up. I lost to a soccer ball and it was quite pathetic.  An afternoon in the kitchen with me baking this beautiful cake or 2 hours in 110 degree heat watching a bunch of men run around?  The guy chose to ditch me and my sweets for the sweaty players [Read more…]

Blackberry Lemonade Cupcakes

The Story: Did anyone actually make good money doing a lemonade stand?  I remember sitting out in the blistering sun, fighting our little card table that kept collapsing and trying to find the right balance of cute and pathetic so people would stop and buy a drink or two.  But I don’t remember any money [Read more…]

Chocolate Blackberry Cupcakes

The Story: My summers seem to have lost their magic. They used to be full of hiking, sleeping in the backyard under the stars, smokey campfires, craft camps and loosing a sense of what day of the week was.  But now, all I seem to do is work.  When I finally do have time to [Read more…]

Chocolate Blackberry Cream Cookies

The Story:          Until I was 5, we had blueberry bushes down our drive way, but after that we  moved to a house where blackberries grew along the other side of the road.  My parents still live in that house, and I went and picked blackberries there for the first time in at least 5 [Read more…]

Blackberry White Chocolate Cupcakes

The Story:          These cupcakes at the wedding were probably the biggest hit.  The color scheme of the whole night was purple, so these beauties fit right in, and who could say no to a beautiful blackberry atop a cupcake anyway? Vanilla Cake 1 cup butter 1 ½ cup sugar 2 eggs 4 egg whites 1 TB [Read more…]

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