Banana Bread Coffee Cake

Banana Bread Coffee Cake Recipe

The perfect coffee cake has arrived, Banana Bread Coffee Cake with sweet icing and a cinnamon sugar swirl.  This is my new favorite cake for fall!  I’m a huge banana bread lover. I was obsessed with creating the best banana bread recipe and I bake it a few times each month! But how could I [Read more…]

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

This Pumpkin Coffee Cake is the most amazing thing ever!

This Pumpkin Coffee Cake looks as good as it tastes!  Pair it with your morning cup of coffee or a mug of hot chocolate to start off the perfect fall day.  Or grab a slice and climb back into bed and work on your computer…either way, you’re going to love it! I made a delicious [Read more…]

Chocolate Banana Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Chocolate Banana Cupcakes with amazing cookie dough frosting

Delicious chocolate banana cupcakes topped with cookie dough frosting with pieces of chocolate running all the way through it!  These Chocolate Banana Cookie Dough Cupcakes will bring out the kid in all of us! I have been making cookie dough frosting for years! (If you haven’t seen my gorgeous Cookie Dough Cake you’re missing out!) [Read more…]

Chocolate Brown Sugar Cupcakes

The Story: Having just graduated from college, I get to look back at all the roommates I’ve had over the years.  Since I moved at least once a year I shared a roof with 25 girls total.  Some have become my best friends, some have been forgotten and some were borderline insane. One of my [Read more…]

Pineapple Inside Out Cupcakes

The Story:                        My best friend admitted to me that he has never had pineapple upside down cake.  My jaw just dropped and I was so confused.  Maybe I just feel like this cake is a staple in my life because I would eat it every night at Girl’s Camp during the summer, but who [Read more…]

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