Red Velvet Cookies filled with Cream Cheese

Red Velvet Cookies filled with Cream Cheese

Decadent Red Velvet Cookies filled with Cream Cheese.  That’s right, the sweet cream cheese frosting is baked right in the middle of the cookie!  It’s like a little “surprise!” when you bite into each one! You can drizzle the finished cookies with white chocolate, icing or dust them with a little powdered sugar, which is [Read more…]

Oreo Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches

Red Velvet Cookies with Oreo Frosting

The only thing better than Oreos are these Oreo Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches! Fluffy red velvet cookies filled with a cookies and cream frosting is decadent and tasty! Here’s a little pull out shot of what my set-up looked like for this photo.  I’m in my new office which is fabulous and finally has space [Read more…]

60 Ooey Gooey Over The Top Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate Banana Nutella Cupcakes | Your Cup of Cake

60 Ooey Gooey Over The Top Chocolate Recipes Hi everyone! Megan from The Housewife in Training Files back again. With almost a month of 2015 under our belt, are we all ready for some chocolatey desserts?! I know I am craving some major sweets. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, I am planning a dessert [Read more…]

55 Really Red Velvet Desserts

Red Velvet Sour Cream Bundt Cake

 55 Really Red Velvet Desserts Hey everyone! It’s Meg from The Housewife in Training Files! There is something about red velvet desserts that we all just love. Whether it’s a special dessert or an indulgent dessert you need, red velvet treat are perfect anytime! Everything from brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, hot cocoa and even a [Read more…]

Decorating Ornament Sugar Cookies

Ornament Sugar Cookies

 Looking for a new way to decorate your sugar cookies this Christmas?  Try decorating ornament sugar cookies using Rolos, M&M’s and some frosting!  All you need is a simple circle cookie cutter to get started!  The holidays can be a little tricky with allergies.  Pamela’s Sugar Cookie mix is actually gluten-free, wheat-free and non-dairy (just [Read more…]

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