Pumpkin Pancake Cupcakes

The Story: Stranger danger. It was a low point.  Walking aimlessly around my new neighborhood with plates of cupcakes desperately trying to give them away.  They looked so cute too!  These and the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes! But the only thought in my head was “Wow, if this isn’t Stranger Danger I don’t know what [Read more…]

Game Day Donuts

Fall means football.  Saturdays until Monday we’re in our jerseys, on the couch, jumping up and screaming, and eating lots and lots of food.  But there’s only so much chip and dip we can eat, right?  So why not mix things up a bit? I used the fun new Funfetti® Lil’ Donut Kits from Pillsbury® [Read more…]

Baked Apple Pie Doughnuts with Maple Glaze

The Story:          Doughnuts are healthy, right?  I mean, they are better than eating a cupcake topped with butter and sugar (which is exactly what buttercream is).   And these even offer a serving of fruit!  Man, I love healthy recipes… Apple Pie Doughnuts: ¾ cup + 1 Tb flour ¼ cup whole wheat pastry flour [Read more…]

Date Cupcakes with Maple Cinnamon Buttercream

The Story:          My brother came and visited me this past weekend.  I asked for cupcake suggestions, and of course he gave me a crazy idea.  He texted me back, “Have you ever had sweet date cake?”           My first thought was “Okay Lizzy, never ask him for another suggestion again and what is my [Read more…]

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