Chewy Pumpkin Granola

Chewy Pumpkin Granola for Fall

Get ready for fall with this perfectly Chewy Pumpkin Granola! Made with maple syrup, honey and plenty of pumpkin pie spices.   I feel like pumpkin season snuck up on me!  Before I knew it all my feed was full of pumpkin spice desserts!  Well, you know I love pumpkin treats like my incredible Magic Pumpkin [Read more…]

Turtle Rice Krispie Treats

Turtle Rice Krispie Treats with caramel and pecans, yum!

  Caramel, chocolate and pecans make a classic treat even better!  Turtle Rice Krispie Treats will be your new family favorite!  I brought these to a party and when I turned back around they were gone! The caramel layer is the most divine thing you will taste and your friends will love you even more [Read more…]

Pecan Pie Bars

The Story: Thanksgiving in my favorite holiday. It’s all about food, family and remembering that no matter how average or tough we may think our lives are, we have so much to be thankful for.  But back to the “food” part of the holiday… it can’t get much better than spending hours and hours cooking [Read more…]

Speculoos Pecan Cupcakes

The Story: One of my best friends had been telling me FOREVER to make a speculoos cupcake.  But I just kept making excuses because i hate the name of it.  Spe-cu-loos.  Weird, unappetizing, sorta nerdy. But at the grand opening of Trader Joes in Salt Lake City the other week, I decided I would give [Read more…]

Grandma’s Pecan Tasties

The Story:          My grandparents sort of live in the middle of no where.  But that is what makes it so amazing.  You step out their front door and all you see is desert land for miles.  They live off well water from their yard, they heat their house using a wood burning stove and [Read more…]

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