How are you not 300 pounds?

Just because I bake so much doesn’t mean I eat every last cupcake ūüôā ¬†I tend to taste a little bit of my finished product, but other than that, I don’t each much of it. ¬†But every once and a while I will bake something that just calls my name from the kitchen all day long and I will eat like 6 cupcakes. ¬†So that, plus I am a college student who walks everywhere every day.

Whats up with all the Cake Mixes?

First of all, it’s not cheating! ¬†There are a ton of bakeries out there that use cake mixes and some try to call it “Cake Base” but it’s the same thing. ¬†I also think that using a cake mix is much more friendly, faster and approachable. ¬†I believe that everyone can bake, so I try to keep my recipes as simple as possible. ¬†But if you’re not into the cake mix thing, I still love you and I hope you love me too! ¬†Here is my White Cake Mix Substitute recipe that you can use in place of any recipe calling for white/vanilla cake mix!

What camera do you use?

Any post before November 19, 2011 I used a Canon PowerShot SD900 on macro mode
Any post after November 19, 2011 I used a Canon Rebel T3i with the 50 mm f/1.8 lens

Do you have a cookbook I can buy?

Yes I do! It can be found on Amazon and also shipped internationally through DeseretBook.com

The Book has had amazing reviews and it’s an All Cupcake and All Cake Mix cookbook. ¬†Perfect as a gift for anyone of any skill level. I am working on 2 projects right now, one to be published in the Fall 2013 and the other will be published in Spring 2014.

What do you do with all of the cupcakes and goodies you make?

I feed my classmates, my professors and friends.  Some times I will just leave them at the library and hope someone eats them.

My Buttercream won’t get fluffy like yours, what am I doing wrong?

Buttercream can be very simple or very tricky. ¬†First know that depending on your brand of powdered sugar, it may take more or less than any recipe calls for. ¬†So stay calm. ¬†Cream your butter (and cream cheese if the recipe calls for it) for at least 3 minutes. ¬†The color should lighten and the texture will change. ¬†Then add your flavorings (extracts, purees…). ¬†Next, slowly add your powdered sugar and keep adding until you reach the consistency you want. ¬†It may take up to 5 or 6 cups. ¬†If your buttercream turns to a cookie dough consistency, you added too much powdered sugar. ¬†So thin it out with a little milk or cream. (If you ever use a berry puree, be careful and only add a little at a time.)

Does your husband just love you?

If I had a husband… I would hope so. ¬†Dear future husband, your sweet tooth will never go unsatisfied.

My cupcakes keep getting too brown on the bottom, what can I do to fix that?

This just means your oven is hotter than most or it heats more on the bottom. ¬†Make sure you bake your cupcakes on the middle rack. ¬†You can lower the oven temperature from 350 to 325, but if you don’t want to do that, sometimes I will place an empty cookie sheet on the rack below my cupcakes to absorb some of the heat.

Where do you get your cupcake liners?

I try to buy my colored liners online and in bulk. ¬†It’s the cheapest way and I always make sure they are grease proof. ¬†For my basic white liners, I find wholesale places in my area to buy a huge 500 count sleeve for just 3 dollars. ¬†Most wholesale places will sell to anyone ūüôā

I don’t have that ingredient, what can I use instead?

For all substitutions, you can always google it. ¬†But two of the main ingredients from my site that people don’t always have are buttermilk and sour cream. ¬†Buttermilk Substitutions: Whole milk or 1% milk + 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Sour Cream Substitution: Plain Yogurt.

Can I use your recipe and/or photo on my blog?

All photos and recipes are copyrighted, but here is what you can do…You can post just the image (with due credit) and link back to my blog for the recipe. ¬†OR you can use the recipe and your own photo. ¬†But if you use my photo and my recipe on your blog, then there is no reason for viewers to check out my site.

I am just starting my blog, do you have any advice?

When I get asked this question, I just tell them to look around at all the blogs they love and figure out WHY them love it. ¬†Then combine all those qualities to create your blog. ¬†Think about a target market and write to that market and always keep them in mind. ¬†My blog is always changing, and so will yours. ¬†So always be searching for ways to make it even better. But you can check out the blogger advice posts I have My Cupcake Photography Lesson #1 all about Setting the Scene¬†and My Basic Cupcake Photography Tips. ¬†I’ll be making more posts about how to get the best photos and get the best blog soon.

What piping tip did you use?

Check out my fabulous Piping Tip post!

Where do you get your piping tips?

From local decorating shops, restaurant supply stores and online.  Just google what you need!

How did you learn to photograph your treats?

Practice. I took one photography class at Riverdale Grade School when I was 12.  Other than that, I just take a lot of photos and see what works best.  But the most important thing is lighting.  Make sure you have natural lighting to photograph, or use good photography lights.

How do you think of all your cupcakes?

I am a poor college student. ¬†So usually inspiration comes from what’s already in my pantry or what’s on sale at the grocery store. ¬†But when I go home, my mother tends to foot my baking bill, so I can do whatever my heart/stomach desires.

Are you majoring in Cupcakes?

No, I am a broadcast journalism major with a business minor at Brigham Young University.  Go Cougs!

What is your favorite cupcake?

I will admit that cookies are my weakness, but cupcakes are just so beautiful.  But the cupcakes that I die over are my Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes.  But the most popular ones that I will bring to every party are my Oreo Cupcakes.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes! http://www.facebook.com/YourCupofCake

Are you on Twitter?

Yes! @LizzysCupofCake

Are you on Pinterest?

Yes! I love Pinterest! http://pinterest.com/lizzyscupofcake/

Are you on Instagram?

Of course I am! http://instagram.com/yourcupofcake/

Lizzy Early

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