Almond Joy Cupcakes

These Almond Joy Cupcakes are topped with coconut cream cheese frosting and dripping in chocolate ganache.  Who needs the candy bar when you can have the cupcake?   I loved Almond Joys growing up.  I think mostly because my father loved them, so then I loved them.  When I was away at college and missing [Read more…]

Halloween Round Up & Candy Bar Cupcakes

The Story: I don’t have a costume, haven’t carved a pumpkin, haven’t bought any candy, didn’t put up any decorations yet, haven’t plunged my head into a tub of water hoping to pull out an apple by my teeth and haven’t had a single piece of candy corn yet. But wow do I have a [Read more…]

Almond Joy Cupcakes

  The Story: Once upon a time I made what I called an Almond Joy Cupcake.  I won’t even link to it because the photos are so pathetic.  But here is a true Almond Joy Cupcake.  It has the coconut filling with pieces of shredded coconut and it’s dipped in melted chocolate.  So this cupcake [Read more…]

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