Chocolate Coconut Truffles

The Story: Alright, truffles may be a new favorite.  First of all, they are totally easy and low maintenance! Second, they are so simple to transport.  I freak out when I drive with cupcakes.  I seriously need a “Cupcakes on Board” sign for my car window because I drive like an old woman with that [Read more…]

Hot Chocolate Truffles

      The Story:          Truffles have always scared me.  They just seem like something you get during the holidays from fancy stores, not something I could do myself.  But I gained some confidence when I went to my boyfriend’s sister’s house and saw her making these sweet things.  I thought, “Hm, maybe I [Read more…]

Black & White Peppermint Bark

The Story:          I thought this was going to be simple.  Nope.  I can make fancy cupcakes in my sleep but I cannot make simple peppermint bark to save my life.  The ones in the photo turned out fabulously, but I put the extra chocolate in a small dish and the dish was way too [Read more…]

Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes

The Story:          This could very well be my all-time favorite cupcake.  They are not the prettiest things, but wow, they are amazing.  Coconut cupcakes are always fabulous, but they need a little chocolate to amp up the coconut flavor and really make it pop.  I usually only eat a half of a cupcake when [Read more…]

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