Lemon Mascarpone Cupcakes

The Story: Alright, I think Tay-Swift would agree with me that certain songs can remind us of certain boys.  But what about food?  Well, food is my life so let’s see who matches with what… Cold Stone = Jeff Thai = Eric/Kyle Sushi = Ryan Hot Chocolate = Brian Chorizo = Clark Hershey’s “Hugs” = [Read more…]

“So What? I’m Single.” Cupcakes

The Story: There are about 10 copies of my cookbook floating around out there.  I had one in my hands only for 48 hours and then I had to give it back.  My publishers sent advanced copies to media outlets to get things like interviews and TV appearances rolling.  So I have been called up [Read more…]

Chocolate Mascarpone Cupcakes

The Story: I was supposed to do an internship this last summer.  Instead…I wrote a cookbook.  A pretty decent trade, right?  Well two nights ago, my publishers sent me the greatest email ever!  It had a PDF of my cookbook and let me just tell you, it is beautiful.  I am not biased at all [Read more…]

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