S’mores Strawberries

These are absolutely incredible!  The best of summer in one bite, S'more Strawberries!

Strawberries covered in melted marshmallow, chocolate and crushed graham crackers must mean only one thing… S’mores Strawberries!

Go to the store right now and get these 4 ingredients for this incredible dessert!  I’m serious, these are amazing and way too easy to make!  I just about died from happiness when I sank my teeth into these.  Campfire s’mores are sometimes a little too rich for me, but a s’more wrapped around a strawberry? Now that’s the perfect combination.  A sweet juicy strawberry with just the right about of chocolate and sticky marshmallow goodness.

S'mores Strawberries are my new favorite!  Yum!

First of all, you can put your berries on a dowel or something else if you want to really dip them like a pro, but I’m low maintenance so I used my fingers!  Be sure and dip them in the mallow quickly and carefully.  You don’t want the mallow to cool before you dip them of else you won’t be able to pull the berry back out!

Only 4 ingredients to make the most incredible summer treat, S'mores Strawberries!

I just sprinkled on my graham crackers to my S’mores Strawberries while they cooled, but you can also roll them in a bowl of graham crackers to get more on there.

These S'mores Strawberries may be the greatest thing on earth.

Have I told you how amazing these are yet?  🙂  But really, 4 ingredients to make these fun summer treats!  And plus, they’re pretty low on calories so no guilt!  It’s basically just a fruit….

Summer just met it's match, S'MORE STRAWBERRIES!


I made the recipe for only 10 strawberries so you can make just a small batch or multiply it for big parties! You won’t use all the chocolate, but you need enough to really dip it.  Happy summer!

S'mores Strawberries

S'mores Strawberries


10 strawberries (totally dry and at room temperature)
1 Cup mini marshmallows
1 Cup melts (chocolate meant for dipping)
1/2 C. crushed graham crackers


1. Lay out two pieces of parchment paper. Lightly butter one for after you dip your strawberries in marshmallows and keep the other plain.
2. In a microwave proof bowl, melt your marshmallows in the microwave. Remember that they will double in size when they "puff" up, so choose a bowl big enough! Remove from microwave and stir until smooth. Quickly dip your strawberries into the melted marshmallows and place onto the buttered parchment paper. Do this quickly because as the mallow cools it gets thicker and it is more difficult to dip. If needed, re-heat the marshmallows. (TIP: you can always poke dowels into the strawberries and dip them that way)
3. Let the marshmallow cool and become "tacky" to the touch, this should only take a few minutes.
4. Melt your chocolate melts in a microwave proof bowl and stir until smooth. Let if cool just a little and then dip your strawberries. You can cover up all the marshmallow if you want or you can leave a little peeking through like I did. If you plan on wrapping them up as gifts, you'll want to either cover up all the mallow or cover it with graham crackers so that it doesn't stick.
5. Wait about 30 seconds and then sprinkle crushed graham crackers onto the chocolate. You can also roll them once the chocolate sets a little more.
6. Let cool and enjoy!!! (Keep refrigerated if you don't plan on eating them that day.)

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Reese's Cup S'mores dip with only 3 ingredients! I'm obsessed with this chocolate peanut butter goodness!

7 thoughts on “S’mores Strawberries

  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    Looks so yummy!!!!


  2. 2
    Valerie H. says:

    Looks so good. I’ll be making these for FHE. Thanks!

  3. 3
    Lorena E. says:

    I would love to make these for a dessert table I’m making for my son’s First Communion. How far in advance can I make these? How long can I leave them in the fridge? Will they sweat in the fridge?


    • 3.1

      I left a few out for 2 days on the countertop and the marshmallow did get effected just a little, but if you refrigerate them they should be perfectly fine for 3 days expect as always, the leaves may dry out a bit.

  4. 4
    madlybakery says:

    Love this summer treats!!! Need to try this recipe right now!

    Thank you so much!! 🙂

  5. 5

    Oh, yes I agree – we are just calling these a fruit. They look like the perfect summer treat! YUM! I love how you left a ring of white showing above the chocolate.

  6. 6

    Oh my, these look simply amazing!!

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