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Lizzy Early

I’m Lizzy.

This is where my love of sweets, photography and writing comes to life!

How did this all start?  In November of 2010, I decided I needed to keep a log of my recipes, so I started a simple blog. This beautiful collection of sweets continues to grow every week and I can’t wait to see where it is 10 years down the road.

How did I learn how to bake?  My grandmother inspired it all.  At family reunions with more than 100 people in the middle of no where, she always managed to whip up perfect cherry cobblers and other treats for dessert over a campfire.  It was like magic to me.

When I hit high school, I was a soft spoken transfer student who found it hard to strike up a conversation, (a nice way of saying I had ZERO friends).  So baked goods iced my way to a social life.  Who wouldn’t want to talk to the girl with a plate of cookies every day?

I graduated from college in 2013 from Brigham Young University in Broadcast Journalism and am staying busy in the kitchen until I go back to school!  

I believe that behind every crumb, every slice of pie, every ice cream sundae and behind every cup of cake there is a story.  These are my stories and the recipes that have made my life sweeter.

I am currently in Provo, Utah and love partnering with other bloggers and companies

Milk and Cupcakes


I have always loved food.  When I think about my favorite memories as a child, they always involve some sort of sweet treat.

Frizzy Lizzy

I am the one on the right…and yes, those are rolls surrounding my stomach.  My friends’ parents used to call me “The Eating Machine” because I would each whatever they put in front of me and I was always hungry.

Now, some people think all I do is bake.  Well… that may be true at this point in my life but before I started this blog in 2010 I did a few other exciting things.  But here’s a little fun act, ever heard of NBC’s The Sing-Off?  It was basically Pitch Perfect in real life.  Oh, and can I say that Nick Lachey is so much more beautiful in real life?  He is. The first time I saw him (he was the host of the show) I literally couldn’t form words.

The Sing Off Noteworthy

What do I get for being the tallest in the group?  Always in the back row….


 In the Press

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