Decorating Ornament Sugar Cookies

 Looking for a new way to decorate your sugar cookies this Christmas?  Try decorating ornament sugar cookies using Rolos, M&M’s and some frosting!  All you need is a simple circle cookie cutter to get started! Roll out your dough between pieces of parchment! I do this will all my pies 🙂  It’s a great trick [Read more…]

Halloween Round Up & Candy Bar Cupcakes

The Story: I don’t have a costume, haven’t carved a pumpkin, haven’t bought any candy, didn’t put up any decorations yet, haven’t plunged my head into a tub of water hoping to pull out an apple by my teeth and haven’t had a single piece of candy corn yet. But wow do I have a [Read more…]

Rolo Cupcakes

The Story: There are fraternal twins in the candy world. Chocolate and Caramel got married and had the Rolo and the Milk Dud.  They both have milk chocolate outsides with caramel insides, but one is soft and gooey and they other loves to latch on to your teeth during the movie and distract you from [Read more…]

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