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Confetti Cake Bites


The Story: On my journey to Cake Pops, I decided to start with Cake Bites.  I was bored at home with nothing to do and decided to finally take the plunge.  I went out and got some chocolate melts from my local WinCo and got to it.[end-story] PrintConfetti Cake Bites Yield: 24-30 cake bites IngredientsCake: [Read more…]

Pink Confetti Cupcakes

Pink Confetti

The Story: A few weeks ago I made cupcake for  Pink Ballerina Party.  Let’s just say, this 5-year-old girl was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  When she saw the cupcakes she exclaimed “PRETTY!” And attacked me with a hug.  Precious. So obviously, her cupcakes needed to be all pink.[end-story] PrintPink Confetti Cupcakes Yield: [Read more…]

The Secret to the Best Muddy Buddies: Chocolate Brownie Muddy Buddies

Peanut Butter Brownie Muddy Buddies

There is a secret to making the best Muddy Buddies ever.  Now, when you think about Muddy Buddies you think, rice cereal, chocolate, maybe some peanut butter and lots of powdered sugar, right?  Those are always the staple ingredients, but that ends today.  No more powdered sugar. The Oscars are right around the corner (this [Read more…]

Fruity Pebble Cupcakes

Fruity Pebble Cupcakes

  The Story: Boys have cooties. There, I said it! But only… 1. If they go to the gym twice a day. Do you really have nothing better to do?  Go feed the hungry or sing at a nursing home! “Doe a deer a female deer…” 2. If they shave their arms.  I shouldn’t have [Read more…]

His & Her Cupcakes

His and Her Cupcakes

The Story: Okay, Valentine’s Day always cracks me up. I see men who shower the women in their life with roses, boxes of fancy chocolates and jewelry, but what are we doing for the men? Don’t go off and make him some fruity-tootie-cutesy-tricked out cupcake!!! You and I both know you are just making them [Read more…]

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