Reese’s Frankenstein Cupcakes

Reeses Frankenstein Cupcakes

Reese’s Frankenstein Cupcakes make with M&M’s, chocolate chips, sprinkles. green frosting and topped with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for the fabulous head of hair! Last year I made adorable Frankenstein Cupcakes  and this year I wanted to make a similar type and I figured the only want to make them better was to work in one of my favorite treats… Reese’s 🙂

Reese's Frankenstein Cupcakes

The Story:

My Sophomore year of college was crazy.  Now don’t go and get the wrong idea, I’m LDS and went to Brigham Young University in Utah so things never actually got crazy.  But I sure did not have a balanced diet.  There was a week where the only thing I ate were brownies and canned soup was always a staple.  When it came to getting protein, steak and chicken fell off the grocery list to make room for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


These white chocolate melts are made by Wilton or a ton of other companies! Any will work just fine 🙂  Let them cool a little before piping them out because it will be really runny and you don’t want to make a mess, but don’t fret! It always takes me a few tries to get it right.  Don’t wait long to put the M&M’s on, the melts will set quickly.  Keep in mind you can make blue-eyed monsters or scary red-eyed ones.

Oh! And you’ll notice I fill my piping bag in a glass because I still haven’t been able to grow that third arm 🙂 I put the bag in the glass and then fold the excess over the sides… I hope that makes sense.

How to make chocolate eyes

So I do know that technically these are Frankenstein’s Monster, not Frankenstein.  But let’s just go with it….

How to make Frankenstein Cupcakes

Scary and cute, the perfect combo for a Halloween cupcake! And these fabulous greaseproof liners are from Sweets and Treats!

Frankenstein Cupcakes

Looking for another Halloween cupcake?  I have tons, but these ones are extra adorable… Tombstone Cupcakes

Tombstone Halloween Cupcakes

Reese’s Frankenstein Cupcakes

Reese’s Frankenstein Cupcakes


Chocolate Cake:
1 devil's food cake mix
3 eggs
1/2 C. oil
2/3 C. sour cream
1/2 C. buttermilk or milk
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 C. butter, softened
8 oz. cream cheese, (or an extra 1/2 C. butter, softened)
3-4 C. powdered sugar
2-3 Tbsp. milk
Green Food Coloring
For Decorations:
Reese's Cups (20)
white chocolate melts (1/3 Cup)
chocolate M&M's (40) or you can use any of the colors or Junior Mints!
Chocolate Chips (40)
Chocolate Jimmy Sprinkles


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line pans with cupcake liners.
2. Sift cake mix into a large bowl and add eggs, oil, sour creme, buttermilk and vanilla extract and stir until smooth.
3. Fill cupcake liners 3/4 full and bake for 14-17 minutes or until an inserted knife comes out clean.
4. Let cool.
5. Beat butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add 2 cups powdered sugar and 1 tablespoon milk. The continue to add in more powdered sugar until you reach your desired consistency. Add more milk if it becomes too thick and add food coloring.
6. To Make Eyes: (see photos) Melt white chocolate melts, pour into a small bag to make a mini piping bag, pipe dime-sized circles onto wax paper then immediately place a brown M&M on top and let set for a few minutes.
7. Pipe green frosting onto cupcakes (see photos) and shape the frosting into Frank's head. You can make it as square-shaped as you like! Place a Reese's Cup on top, put eyes on and then chocolate chips as"bolts" and use the Jimmies to give eyebrows and a mouth!

Looking for a cake easy as pie? Try this delicious Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dump Cake! It is pumpkin pie on the bottom and a layer of crunchy/cakey goodness on top!


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  1. 1
    Autumn says:

    aghh! I need to make these, so cute <3

  2. 2
    Jackie Gibson says:

    So creative!

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    Valerie H. says:


  4. 4
    Jaime says:

    These are so stinkin’ cute! I can’t handle it!

  5. 5
    Joanne says:

    These cupcakes are adorable! I love your creativity!

  6. 6
    Heather says:

    These are so so cute!

  7. 7
    Kristen says:

    These are the CUTEST little cupcakes!

  8. 8
    Rochelle says:

    I tried this recipe but instead of putting Reese’s on top of them i added sprinkles for hair and i thought that they were really cute and fairly easy to do, a little time consuming, but still great haha.

  9. 9
    Jenn says:

    I’m making these cute little guys later on today!!!! I can’t wait, these look amazing.

  10. 10
    Christie says:

    sweet and delicious……..can’t resist myself to make it

  11. 11
    Aimee Ault says:

    These are so cute, but the cream cheese frosting just did not work that well for me… it drooped when I piped it despite feeling pretty thick as I mixed it 🙁 I ended up having to freeze it for a bit to get any shape out of it.

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