Thin Mint Frosty

Thin Mint Frosty... The best of Wendy's and Girl Scouts!

I love a Wendy’s Frosty! But what if Wendy was a Girl Scout? Well, she would definitely be making (and loving) this Thin Mint Frosty! A lot of DIY Frosty recipes use an ice cream maker… but who has time for that? We want our Frosty now!  So with a little Blendtec magic I whipped [Read more…]

Hot Chocolate Truffles

Hot Chocolate Bombs, just add to 1 cup of hot milk and stir!

Hot Chocolate Truffles, or some people call them Hot Chocolate Bombs are my favorite thing to give out to the neighbors at Christmas!  Just drop one into a cup of hot milk and stir for the most perfect hot chocolate!  Rich, decanted and a hint of peppermint from the candy canes!  They’re fun to make [Read more…]

Easy Microwave Caramel Corn

Easy Caramel Corn in the Microwave! It's the soft kind, my favorite!

Soft Caramel Corn is maybe the best part of the holiday season.  And this Easy Microwave Caramel Corn recipe only takes 5 minutes and is so good you won’t stop making it!  Trust me, I made it 3 times in the same week!  So I knew I needed to share it on the blog after [Read more…]

Homemade Vanilla Extract

The Story:          I am always looking for ways to make my baking a little more special.  What is more special than homemade vanilla extract?  Plus, it is incredibly easy!  So while I was off at college, I emailed my mother the instructions, she ordered bottles and she got this stuff brewing!          Ingredients: 8 [Read more…]

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