Using Edible Icing Sheets

The Story: I am always looking for new ways to decorate cupcakes.  Fondant really scares me, but I found this really cool stuff at Photo Frost.  It’s edible icing sheets that you can cut like paper and shape into just about anything you want!  This rose was incredible easy to make, especially since they had a handy tutorial on YouTube. It’s a way you just add a special touch to your cupcakes!

7 thoughts on “Using Edible Icing Sheets

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    Wow! Beautiful! I’ve never heard of edible icing sheets!

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    You make the blogging world so much fun. You are just lovely!

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    Fatima says:

    Lizzy you have so much talet!!! you shouldn’t be scare of fondant, I took classes for fondant before and is really easy to work with. Is almost like playdough!! I love your idea about the icing sheets and the nice. Enjoy your school break and please keep posting, I really enjoy your work

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    One of my friends gave a little bake set to her daughter for her birthday. It had a little package of Fondant in it and covered maybe as much space as one of the cup cakes you have here. Well we made 3 little cakes and the fondant we put on them was one of the most aggravating things I have tried to do in a very long time.. They make it look so easy on T.V.!

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    Dana Joseph says:

    How do you make them? I’ve been looking online for a recipe and I can’t find one. I have always loved how cakes look with icing sheets like on wedding cakes. Is there a great recipe I can use to make for my sons birthday cake? I want it to be different than most cake with regular frosting.

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    Luvz2bake says:

    I have looked at these sugar sheets but never really knew what to do with them where they looked nice. This is an awesome example so I am going to have to experiment. I have worked with fondant, but don’t like it. It is not that easy and I normally only use it for accents.

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