Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow

Cookies and Cream Muddy Buddies

The Story:
Okay, I had 6 boxes of Rice Chex sitting on top of my fridge. What’s a girl to do? Make a lot of muddy buddies, right? Yes. So me and my fabulous new roommate made 4 different types of muddy buddies/ puppy chow this weekend. But I figure, the Super Bowl is coming up and everyone needs some sugary snacks next to the chips and dip.  And let’s face it, cupcakes just aren’t very manly. You can also check out my other puppy chow recipe that is just as good! Or there’s always the Oreo cupcake recipe if puppy chow isn’t really your thing.  [end-story]

Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow

Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow


"Cream" Puppy Chow:
5 C. rice chex cereal
1 C. white chocolate melts (or chocolate chips)
8 Oreos finely crushed
1/2 C. powdered sugar
"Cookies" Puppy Chow:
5 C. rice chex cereal
1 C. milk chocolate melts (or chocolate chips)
8 Oreos finely crushed
1/2 C. powdered sugar
Extra chopped Oreos


1. "Cream" Puppy Chow: Measure out rice chex cereal and place in a large bowl.
2. Measure out powdered sugar and crushed Oreos and place in a large plastic bag or in a large tupperware with a lid (You'll need to shake the bag/tupperware later).
3. Melt white chocolate and stir until smooth.
4. Pour melted chocolate over rice cereal and stir until coated.
5. Transfer chocolate coated rice cereal into your plastic bag with sugar/cookies. Shake, shake shake until coasted.
6. Dump onto a cookie sheet to cool.
7. Repeat steps 1-7 using "Cookies" Puppy Chow ingredients.
8. Once cooled, mix the "Cookies" and "Cream" Puppy Chow together and fold in extra chopped Oreos.

Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow

27 thoughts on “Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow

  1. 1
    Becky says:

    I cannot wait to try this recipe! I’ve made regular Chex Mix “Muddy Buddies”, as I know them. But this one just sounds so much more delicious 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2
    Kayla says:

    I just have to say… chocolate contains a chemical called Theobromine which can be deadly for dogs. Its really bad for them!

  3. 3
    stacy says:

    I’m not seeing a difference between the “cookie” recipe and the “cream” recipe. You mention to mix the two together, are you just doubling the recipe and then adding the chopped oreos?

  4. 4
    heather says:

    you are so talented! I love your blog and am determined to try EVERY recipe! This one looks sooo good!

  5. 5
    Leslie says:

    I made this and it turned out amazing!! I used a 1/4 cup more chocolate and some more powdered sugar, but this is such a wonderful idea! I gave a shout out to you on my blog

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe – I’m excited to try more of yours!

  6. 6

    […] Cookies and Cream Muddy Buddies – adapted from Your Cup of Cake […]

  7. 7

    […] had many different versions of Chex Mix and Muddy Buddies over the years.  But when I saw this cookies and cream version  from Your Cup of Cake on Pinterest the other day, I was hooked.  Who doesn’t love Oreos? […]

  8. 8
    Tashie says:

    I saw a pic of this on the Instragram Oreo page and it had an incorrect link to get to this but I found it! I am going to a dinner party tomorrow and I am bringing this, looks so yummy!

  9. 9
    Bila says:

    You to have think long Lizzy, everyone need a snack . And you can make it as fancy snacks was incredible!

  10. 10
    Carolyn says:

    I made the Cookies and Cream puppy chow. The family decided the second time I made it, we would just do the “cream” part for the entire recipe!! Delish!! Making this version was a BIG hit!! Just in case anyone was wondering!! Thanks

  11. 11
    Tori Barrett says:

    How many servings does this make? I need something to make for my demonstrative speech.

  12. 12
    K says:

    Ive made this before… i wanted to give some to a friend but i couldn’t help devouring the whole thing! It is incredibly delicious- best muddy buddy recipe ever.

  13. 13
    kathy says:

    Don’t use chips in place of the melts, unless you can find the right combination of butter/oil whatever to add to the chips. What a mess…total dissappointement. I am sure it is wonderful with the melts, but didn’t have them on hand. Chips alone didn’t work at all, added butter as if I was melting for the original puppy chow, but still didn’t work out, perhaps still needed to add more butter. Oh well. live and learn.

  14. 14
    Joann says:

    Late in coming, but this recipe is basically flawless. I have tried several of the puppy chow recipes here. (the pb brownie is my favorite!) I used both white and milk chocolate chips and had NO trouble. No butter/oil combo needed. Microwave 30 second intervals stirring between, until almost melted, perfect. If I could change or add anything, it would be a little more powdered sugar. Other than that, flawless. Thanks for the recipe!

  15. 15
    Tabitha says:

    Making this for holidays d wondering if I could make it in advance. How long would would stay good for.

  16. 16
    Antonio Rose says:

    How many servings does this make

  17. 17
  18. 18
    Werner says:

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