Easy Easter S’mores Skillet

Easy Easter Peeps Skillet with Reese's Eggs!

What happens with Reese’s Eggs and PEEPS come together?  Magic!  This Easy Easter Skillet with PEEPS and Reese’s Eggs are the Easter Bunny’s favorite treat! Plus, it’s so easy to make… you know I love that.  And I even made a video of this recipe so you can save the video on Facebook or send it to family and friends.

I’ve had this recipe idea for the over a month and finally got around to making it, yay!

Easy Easter Peeps Skillet with Reese's Eggs!

Skillet dip recipes are awesome because they’re fool proof! You can add a little extra chocolate, extra mallows and it won’t hurt! You can add chocolate sauce on top with some sprinkles to make it more festive or you can use regular marshmallows if PEEPS aren’t your jam! Make this recipe your own!

Honestly, I grabbed the bunnies by accident.  I meant to get the classic birds but the bunnies ended up being better because they aren’t as tall.  I wanted a better mallow to chocolate ratio. They eyes actually disappeared when they baked!  Blind bunnies, ahhhh!

Easy Easter Peeps Skillet with Reese's Eggs!


This Easy Easter S’mores Skillet is so much more fun with the rainbow PEEPS! Easy Easter Peeps Skillet with Reese's Eggs!

Mmm… toasted marshmallow is pretty much incredible.  I need to try this again but use Mini Cadbury Eggs instead of Reese’s oh my!  Those little eggs are pieces of heaven.  It’s embarrassing how many bags I’ve already eaten.  Easy Easter Peeps Skillet with Reese's Eggs!

When I was a sophomore in college, my best friend Hannah and I would eat bags and bags of these eggs.  It was our meal.  We just kept saying, “It’s protein, so it’s fine.”

Easy Easter Peeps Skillet with Reese's Eggs!

Happy Easter!  Don’t forget to check out my freaking adorable cupcakes for the holiday!

Bunny Cupcakes, almost too cute to eat.

Easy Bunny Cupcakes

Cute Garden Carrot Cupcakes… those are strawberries!

Cute Garden Carrot Cupcake

Easy Easter Peeps Skillet

Easy Easter Peeps Skillet


1/3 C. heavy whipping cream
12 Reese's Eggs (enough to cover pan)
20 PEEPS (bunnies or birds, just enough to cover the pan)
1 TBSP. heavy whipping cream
6 Reese's Eggs (enough to cover pan)
10 PEEPS (enough to cover pan)


1. Place skillet in oven and heat to 450 degrees.
2. Place cream in a microwave proof bowl and zap for 30 seconds just to warm it up.
3. When the oven in preheated, remove skillet.
4. Add Reese's Eggs (you can add extra chocolate chips if you want), cream and top with PEEPS!
5. Bake for 5-7 minutes or util the PEEPS are lightly toasted!
6. Let cool for a few minutes and eat with graham crackers, apple slices or anything you want!
Happy Easter!

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    This is just too yummy, thank you!

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    This food will be very tempting if given to my little brother

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    This looks incredible!! I’m sure it’s so much fun for the little ones… thank you!

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