Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dump Cake (and how I got dumped)

The Best Pumpkin Dump Cake

Delicious pumpkin pie filling covered in a layer of sweet cream cheese and topped with a crunchy cake mix topping.  This Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dump Cake really is my new favorite thing.  It’s all the glamour and deliciousness of pie with none of the fuss! Plus, the cream cheese layer makes it even more decadent.  “Dump” cake is traditionally made by dumping canned fruit into the dish, and then cake mix on top and then butter. This cake has just a little bit of mixing but the concept is similar and the results are totally worth it 🙂  This is a great dessert to start off the pumpkin season!

Pumpkin Dump Cake

 The Story:

It’s remarkable how fast life can change.

My biggest concern an hour before was what throw pillows would match my new room.  And then one of the most important people in my life walked out.

He fed me the traditional lines “You’re going to make a great wife someday” and “You’re incredible and amazing,” but that didn’t soften the blow.  He told his mother I was coming home with him for Christmas the day before.  He was the one posting photos of us together on facebook and instagram. He was the one who said he thought about how to propose.  But he sat there now and said he didn’t really like me.

Later that night I logged onto facebook to try to forget what happened.  I started scrolling through the feed and stopped when I saw a friend’s a post.  This friend lost her father a week earlier.  Losing a boyfriend didn’t seem all that rough anymore.  Sure, all the plans we made are gone, the texts from friends asking about my cute boyfriend crack my heart a little more, but he’s just a boy.  Just a boy who didn’t want to be with me.  That’s all.

So why the post?  Because the first thing I said when I woke up the next day was “Dump Cake.” I laughed laying there in bed at my cheesy baking humor and I didn’t feel so bad any more.


Now on to this delicious pumpkin pie cake!

Pumpkin filling, then the cream cheese piped out of a little plastic bag to get an even layer (don’t worry about making it pretty, you won’t be able to tell after it’s baked!). Pour the cake mix over, poke holes (not pictured), pour butter and then top with cinnamon sugar (not pictured).  Then bake! Just like traditional pumpkin pie, this dessert tastes better cold and even better the next day because the flavors get more intense! So it’s really a perfect dessert to make the day before 🙂  Top it off with some whipped cream and you’re set! I actually used 1 pint of whipping cream and whipped it with 1/2 a package of hershey’s white chocolate instant pudding mix.  This keep the whipped cream stiff and it never melts all over making a mess.

How to make pumpkin dump cake

 I ate 3 pieces.  And not just because I got dumped but because this was so good! I will even go so far as to say this Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dump Cake is better than pumpkin pie…

Do you know what makes me laugh even now? His older sister once threatened me to never lead him on.  Turns out, he wasn’t the one who needed protecting.

Easy Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dump Cake

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dump Cake


8 oz. cream cheese
3/4 C. powdered sugar
2 tsp. milk
1 can (29 oz.) pumpkin puree
1 can (12 oz.) evaporated milk
4 eggs
1 1/4 C. sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 yellow cake mix (dry)
1/2 C. butter, melted (sometimes I use a little more)
1 Tbsp. cinnamon sugar mixture, optional
whipped cream


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9 X 14 pan.
2. Using a mixer (a KitchenAid or hand held) combine cream cheese, powdered sugar and milk until smooth. Set aside.
3. In a large bowl, combine pumpkin puree, evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, salt, and pumpkin pie spice. Pour into prepared pan.
4. Put cream cheese filling into a small ZipLock bag, and snip off the tip the make a mini piping bag. Then pipe over the pumpkin filling (see photo).
5. Pour the dry cake mix over the cream cheese layer then poke holes using the end of a wooden spoon or a table knife through the cake mix until you hit the filling (not to the bottom of the pan).
6. Pour melted butter over the dry cake mix.
7. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the entire cake for extra flavor and crunch.
8. Bake for 40-50 minutes or until the top is browned and an instead knife comes out clean.
9. Let cool and serve with whipped cream! (Store in fridge)

UPDATE August 2015: There were a few people saying their pie filling didn’t set up and a few people say their topping still had dry spots after it had baked.  I tried this recipe this recipe again in a different oven to see if that made any difference.  My cake still turned out beautifully, but I think I know where people may have gone wrong.

For the pie filling not setting problem: The pie filling is just a standard pumpkin pie recipe.  If this won’t set in your oven, then neither would a normal pie.  Maybe your oven doesn’t really get up to 350 degrees, so maybe you’ll want to just cook it longer or on a higher temperature.  Make sure you are using canned pumpkin and not canned pumpkin pie filling.  I use Libby’s for my pumpkin!

For the dry topping problem: After you sprinkle on the cake mix you have to poke the cake with the back of a wooden spoon, you need to do this a lot! I probably poked about 50 holes! It helps to bring some of the moisture from the cake and push down some of the dry cake mix. So don’t just poke your cake 6 times and call it good.  Some recipes also call for pouring 3/4 of a cup of melted butter on top, so that also will help keep the top from having a few dry spots.  But if all that fails, when your cake comes out of the oven, pour just a little melted butter over the dry spots.  If you do it when it’s hot it will melt into the cake and still keep cooking so it will be great!

Love pumpkin, don’t forget about my delicious Pumpkin Nutella Muffins!


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137 thoughts on “Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dump Cake (and how I got dumped)

  1. 1
    Bill says:

    I’m glad you’re doing better, for being treated like that really sucks. I know.

    In 2002, I was engaged to a woman who managed to get pregnant when she had told me this was impossible. She had the baby in the best facility around, which was in another state, then came back home. I really loved that babye girl, and have to thank her for opening my heart so deeply for another person. The revelation was stunning.Life was good.

    In 2004, on the little girls second birthday, my fiance took off with her, and I’ve never heard from her again. I tried to find them, only to discover my name was purposely left off the birth certificate, and living in a different state seemed to make matters worse. I called her sister, who wouldn’t tell me anything, but who was absolutely dumfounded to hear that the mom and I were engaged. So, as far as I can tell, from the day the mom got pregnant, it was a complete sham. I suppose she was just biding her time.

    That was ten years ago, and it still makes me want to cry. But, I wanted to give you some perspective.

  2. 2
    Melina says:

    First: You’re right, he’s just a boy and I think you have the right perspective about this:) Second: I cannot wait to make this dessert! I was looking for a pumpkin treat to start off my favorite season and I think I found it

  3. 3
    Eric says:

    Lizzy you’re the best, and you’re going to find a man who will treat you with all the love and respect you deserve, and show you just how awesome you are!

  4. 4
    Valerie H. says:

    Sorry that your heart is broken. Only temporary though Lizzy! Feel blessed. Who wants to marry someone who’s as fickle as he? This dessert looks wonderful…just like you!

  5. 5
    Gwen says:

    I’m sorry you were hurt by him. The up side is that you are so lucky to have found out before many years of your life were wasted on someone so unworthy of your feelings. (That’s part of my story

  6. 6
    Auntiepatch says:

    Some day someone will walk through your door and you will both just know. He will probably be a friend hat you hadn’t considered before. Been there, done that. We celebrated 42 yeas last February. Just be patient. He will show himself.

  7. 7
    tom says:

    fellas are alot like busses. the ones that have had alot of passengers are loud, smelly and arent reliable. just keep doing your thing and all will work out. for i know the plans i have for you says the LORD plans to prosper you and not hurt you..well, you get the point. baking, cheese making canning anything i pick myself..these things are what makes me go, your food and writing about it makes you go. with or without someone you are perfect. live life, bake cake and bless people. more than that is just icing.

  8. 8
    Bailey says:

    I promise you that everything will turn out to be okay! You WILL find the man of your dreams! You deserve the best 🙂 (and i’m making this cake it looks awesome)

  9. 9
    diana says:

    Omg…. i feel like going to the store right now to make this… and plus because i love pumpkin pie. So i think im going to love this recipe. .. i was wondering do you know how to make pumpkin spice? Because its kinda pricey…..

    And im sorry this happen to you…. You look like a wonderful woman that deserves better and you will find your better half..

    • 9.1

      You can just use cinnamon with a little nutmeg! Pumpkin spice usually has other things in it too, but don’t worry about it!

    • 9.2
      Elaine says:

      Here’s a recipe found on mybakingaddiction.com
      Pumpkin Pie Spice

      2 tsp Ginger, ground
      1 1/2 tsp Allspice, ground
      3 tbsp Cinnamon, ground
      1 1/2 tsp Cloves, ground
      2 tsp Nutmeg
      Stir to combine.

    • 9.3
      Rosie says:

      1/2 tsp cinnamon
      1/4 tsp ginger
      1/8 tsp all spice
      1/8 nutmeg
      = 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice

    • 9.4
      Karen says:

      I just use cinnamon. I don’t care for the other spices.

    • 9.5
      Mary says:

      My Grandma (God rest her soul!) always used these spices and did not use “pumpkin pie” spice. She taught my mom (her daughter in law), my aunt, and they in turn taught all of us to make pie. My grandma had many grandchildren when she died at the age of 98 in 1995 and everyone STILL talks about how she was the best pie maker. So the spices are cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. 2 t. cinnamon, 1/2 t. ginger, and 1/4 t. nutmeg.

  10. 10
    Christine says:

    This looks delicious! I love your humor and perspective. I was in a very similar situation and I wish I bounced back as gracefully as you. What I figured out after a lot of introspection was – it was about him and not about me at all. I think he was more in love with the idea of being in love with me. I see him now and realize I was never the right woman for him – and he was never the right man for me.

    Big sigh of relief.

    Now – he’s gonna be sorry because SHE will never bake this cake for him!

    Sweet, sweet pumpkin-y “revenge”. 😉

  11. 11

    I love that you shared this story, and the dump cake looks amazing! Having experienced the highs and lows of dating, things just don’t always make sense. Now I want to see a pic on his instagram!

  12. 12
    Suzdot says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. You’ll know when the right one comes along.

    i have an actual recipe question: How far down should you poke the dump cake? I’ve made dump cakes before where I just pour the butter over the top and poke cakes where i haven’t poked deep enough. I’m thinking just in the cake and not down into the fillings, right?

  13. 13
    Emma says:

    Thankyou for sharing your heartbreak. We have all been there. Chin up!

  14. 14
    Cecret says:

    Hi Lizzy-

    Thank you for such an easy and delicious recipe. I’ve seen a recipe like this a few times, but only after your post did I decide to make it. My guests liked it too. The second time I made it with a spice cake mix-yum!!

  15. 15

    It all puts it into perspective doesn’t it? But it still hurts!! <3

    Dump cake with pumpkin. Love it!

  16. 16
    Amelia says:

    You are awesome for sharing that and this cake looks amazing.

  17. 17
    Glora says:

    This looks INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait to try it!

    I’m so sorry for your heart ache. The pain and loss are very real and there is almost a mourning process you have to go through even with a breakup. I’m thankful that you found out before getting married though. You deserve a wonderful man that will make all of your eternal dreams come true.

  18. 18
    Brianna says:

    about how many servings would you say this makes? I need to feed 60 hungry football players

  19. 19
    Linda says:

    were you talking about a small pkg of instant pudding or a large pkg with the whip cream?

    • 19.1

      I used a small package! I don’t think I even used the entire package, the more you add the thicker it will be. I still wanted to keep my whipped cream a little of the fluffy and loose side, but I love adding the pudding mix because it keeps it from “melting.”

  20. 20
    Jordan says:

    This looks SO good! I’m totally loving cream cheese right now. Just wanted to let you know I’ve included this in my list of cream cheese recipes at RecipeChatter.com! http://www.recipechatter.com/recipes-with-cream-cheese/

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  21. 21
    peter j says:

    You’re truly beautiful inside & out.
    I wish you nothing but the best.
    He’s clearly a fool.

  22. 22
    Janice says:

    Does the dessert come out of the pan easily?

  23. 23
    Becky says:

    Love the recipe…gonna make it today! And thanks for posting your story…I’ve always felt that those who walk out of our lives (although it might stink at the moment) is a blessing!! Your life will be a much better place without someone who is obviously very fickle! Too bad you aren’t closer to Tennessee…I have a handsome, single son!

  24. 24
    Lori says:

    Lame guy, awesome looking cake!

  25. 25
    Nicole says:

    I am making this for my husband’s birthday Thursday.
    He is a huge pumpkin lover & finding this recipe on Pinterest was fate 🙂
    There’s a Rascal Flatts song, “Bless the Broken Road”.
    The hell along the way is all worth it when you ARE with the one you are suppose to be with. I’m 38, married almost 2 years & have our first baby due in December. Broken marriages, hearts, death. None of it made sense. But it does now. It got me and him to where we both had to be. It’s fate. You will see. 🙂
    I love that you kept it real. And thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  26. 26
    Rachel J says:

    This is incredible Lizzy! Just had a small edge piece right out of the oven. Can’t wait for it to cool! Amazing idea to come from such a jerky experience 🙂

  27. 27
    Beverly P Hunt says:

    Thank you, Lizzie, for sharing with us. I look forward to this recipe for the Holidays. DUMP Cake – what a wonderful way to self-medicate.

    Your experience I can relate to and reminds me of Keith Urban’s song You’ll Think of Me – ” .. when I run across your mind, don’t worry; I’ll be fine .. and on with my life .. BUT you’ll think of me .. “

  28. 28
    Julie D. says:

    This looks absolutely dee-licious. Thank you for sharing this and your story. What do they say? Out of ashes, beauty? Something like that. Good for you girl! Taking your heartbreak and turning out something like this just shows your character. When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. Dump Cake. I see what you did there. Lol!

    • 28.1
      Aislinn says:

      Julie, beauty for ashes is from the Bible.

      Isaiah 61:3 — To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

      Lizzy, thanks for sharing your story and your recipe. It is amazing how much a change in perspective can help. And I have to agree with the guy who said, live life, bake cake and bless others. He’s right, everything else is just icing. 😀

  29. 29
    Doris Luther says:

    You are so lucky this guy left. What if you had married him and then he pulled this crap. I’m not sure you will meet Mr. Right, but life is so good anyway. You are beautiful and have so much going for you ( you can bake cake). May be a little hard at first, but list the bad things about him and I bet you will be shocked how many there are that you have been just overlooking. Visit with friends, read a good book, watch a good movie or take a walk. Life is wonderful.

  30. 30
    Pam P says:

    I made this yesterday for bosses’ day – but my pumpkin layer turned out way too “watery” or runny. I followed the recipe exactly. I thought maybe 12 oz of evap milk was too much? I have company coming for dinner this weekend – any suggestions? I really wanted to have this?

    • 30.1

      Oh no! I’m so sorry! 12 oz is what I used and it basically just makes a pumpkin pie filling, so it’s a really common combo. Make sure you’re not using pumpkin pie filling but plain pumpkin pie puree. (One is watery with spices and one is just pumpkin.) Just baking it longer would be my other advice, the pie filling needs to set before you take it out of the oven. Good luck!

  31. 31
    Brandi says:

    I’m sorry about the heartache, but wanted to let you know I’m making this right now for a Halloween dinner party tomorrow night. It looks fantastic!

  32. 32
    Dianne says:

    Just two words, Lizzy: HIS LOSS! Have your pumpkin dessert in the oven as I type this. It smells amazing!

  33. 33
    betty says:

    I am making this right now! I love anything pumpkin. But when i made the pumpkin layer, its super runny. It doesnt look like yours. Im not using the pie filling either. Is there maybe flour in a step thats not listed? Thanks.

  34. 34
    BRENDA says:


  35. 35

    Well BOO on BOYS! Seriously, yuck! But you should get dumped more often if it inspired goodies like these…okay, maybe not the greatest idea. But, this does look delicious!

  36. 36
    Gianni says:

    This looks amazing!! Quick question please. SWEETENED OR UNSWEETENED PUMPKIN purée?

  37. 37
    Jordyn Kraft says:

    I was on Pinterest and saw a picture of your dump cake and had to click it to view the recipe because my mom, Nicole, is the BEST baker and her dump cakes are some of my favorite desserts. Right when I get home I’m telling her to make this! Pumpkin is my favorite, dump cakes are a favorite, I will be in heaven. cant wait to try it! also, it was definitely meant to be that I saw this because I’m 16 years old and in august my boyfriend of 6 months (and practically a year before that) broke up with me suddenly and unexpectedly over the phone after we hadn’t seen each other in a while because of summer vacations. It was so hard for me because we were truly the best, loved each other so much and not in a dumb teenager way but really were great and never fought! I know it is just because he wanted to be single for a little and has a lot going on with lacrosse (hes committed to duke) and school..but its still hard for me because I miss him so much! thanks for sharing your story and delicious recipe. XO

  38. 38
    Sherry Squires says:

    Hey there,
    Your cake looks awesome. But I have a question…….. I am making it now, its been in the oven for 1 hr and 10 mins, my knife is still not coming out clean, the top is brown but not overly. What do you think? Leave it in? Or take it out? By the way……its smelling awesome in here! Thanks for your story and recipe.

  39. 39
    Mallory says:

    I just made this last night and followed the directions very carefully mine looked like yours up until the baking process but after baking my topping was not completely homogenous, some areas of the cake mix were still completely powdered, untouched by the butter so had no moisture or ability to change..
    It smells marvelous, have had 1 piece and it is good but I caution those who are sensitive to cloying sweetness as I find this to be quite cloying, due to the yellow cake mix (and I love yellow cake mix but it is just a lot of cake mix, very sweet)
    Thank you for the recipe, I will have to tweak it a little for my tastes, I’d prefer more cream cheese and less cake mix in the future, I like creaminess and a little tang over all sweet. 🙂

    • 39.1

      I am so sorry I don’t know what happened! I’ve made this a few times this season now and still haven’t had any problems. I use the Libby’s pumpkin puree and a Pillsbury Yellow cake mix. Maybe that will help!

  40. 40
    Muddie says:

    I just made this. I had the same problem with the topping; after 40 minutes parts of the topping had clumps of raw cake mix. I added some more butter over these sections and baked another 20 minutes. The knife finally came out clean. It’s cooling now but smells awesome! I used spice cake mix and added some crushed pecans to the topping. Can’t wait until it cools!!
    Thanks for sharing….and don’t worry, he’ll regret losing you!!

  41. 41
    Hanna Lee says:

    I made this cake this week to take to some friend’s house for dessert and it was AWESOME! The pumpkin layer on the bottom is just like pumpkin pie and mixed with the sweetness and crunch on top it is delicious. I tried your tip with the whipped cream and instant pudding since I knew it would be sitting for a while before we ate it and it held up perfectly…. that’s going to be my new go to trick! Thanks for all your awesome recipes 🙂

  42. 42
    Jackie says:

    Do you add the pudding to already made whip topping or homemade whip topping?

  43. 43
    Jessica says:

    Question? I baked mine yesterday….put it in the fridge immediately cuz I had to go to bed for work and didn’t get much sleep. Well I wanted to try a corner of it to make sure it was good, and the cake layer is still very powdery……what do I need to do? Bake it longer?

  44. 44
    Brenda says:

    I made this for our family’s pumpkin carving event and it was a hit!! I take much pride in seeing home baked goods get eaten before store bought goodies. I’ll be making this for Thanksgiving… It’s been asked for by young and old. 🙂 THANKS for sharing!!

  45. 45
    Ann Poe says:

    What is your cinnamon sugar mixture?

  46. 46
    diedre says:

    How much sugar and how much cinnamon combine to make the mixture equal to 1 Tbsp?

  47. 47
    Diedre says:

    A couple questions. ..do I use Heavy or regular liquid whipping cream? Also I went to pick up the libbys pumpkin puree is that the same as libbys pumpkin pie filling in a can?.. it doesn’t say puree on the can..

  48. 48
    jessica says:

    I am making this right now it smells amazing g been in oven longer than 40 mins I accidently picked up pumpkin pie mix and not puree but gonna bake a little longer and see what it does. I had to add a little more butter cause the cake mix wasn’t all coated hope it turns out good I can’t wait to try it.

  49. 49
    Cheri says:

    The pumpkin layer is way watery! I used Libby’s pureed pumpkin & Pillsbury’s yellow cake mix as you suggested. I ended up cooking it for almost 2 hrs before I finally just took it out! The top is powdery as well. I tried to mix in a little butter over the top to ‘wet’ it down. I won’t be taking it to Thanksgiving dinner. I wish I’d test run it first. My bad! I don’t know what you’re doing but this recipe isn’t working for me.

  50. 50
    Jodi P. says:

    Made this for Thanksgiving instead of Pumpkin Pie. I really liked it. It turned out good. I would “tweak” a few things I do next time: I cut the tip of the bag too big, so it didn’t cover the cake like yours (too much space in between). I did have some powdery mix on top, so maybe a little more careful spreading the butter next time?. It was more than edible (i’ve had my 3 pieces…not at one time though), so not too worried. Thanks for sharing and will definately make again.

  51. 51
    Sally says:

    I need to make two 8×8 pan dump cakes, would you suggest just putting half of the recipe in each pan. I am just concerned that it won’t come out as well. Any suggestions?

  52. 52
    Lauren says:

    Booo! You are most certainly not alone in this- I had almost the EXACT same thing happen, and I spent a few weeks wondering if I was crazy since he was the one who initiated us moving in together, discussions about getting married, etc. I was blindsided- the absolute worst.

    Believe it or not, we ended up getting back together and have now been happily married for over 4 years! All experiences, good and bad can teach you something.

    I applaud your maturity and perspective, and hope no matter what happens you are able to keep your sunny disposition and the awesome recipes coming!

  53. 53
    Aislinn says:

    It seems quite a few people had the problem of the pumpkin not wanting to set up and I have a suggestion for that, try starting your oven at 425F. for 15 minutes and then dropping to 350 for the rest of the time.

    • 53.1
      Maggie says:

      I thinkk that the problem with the pumkin not setting up is that you are using too much pumpkin. Your recipe calls for 29oz of pumpkin puree. One can to make 1 pie is 15 oz (used to be 16 oz) The pie filling can is 29 oz with the milk in it. . There are some recipes that call for the 15 oz can of puree and some that call for the 29 oz can of pie filling. I’m gonna make this but only use 15 oz of puree

  54. 54
    Abigail says:

    Would this I with gluten free cake mix?

  55. 55
    Nickie says:

    Was just wondering if you could do a graham cracker crust on this? I thought it would be good that way. Thanks

  56. 56
    Diane says:

    Quick question. Love this concept. However we have a pumpkin allergy in the family 🙁 Have you tried this recipe with another fruit like cherry or apple?

  57. 57
    Megin says:

    HELP! Mid-preparation boo boo. I just mixed up the filling and it is very watery. I came here to recheck the recipe and thats when I noticed “Make sure you are using canned pumpkin and not canned pumpkin pie filling.” I totally got the Libby’s pumpkin pie FILLING. Is there any way to salvage this? Can I add flour to the filling to thicken it? If so, how much? Will that affect baking time or temp? Thank you!

  58. 58
    Darla says:

    Just curious if it should be condensed milk instead of evaporated milk? That could be causing the problems with too much liquid in the filling. I’ll be making this cake this weekend, can’t wait!!!

  59. 59
    Martha says:

    A friend made this cake and shared some with me. YES!! This was delicious goodness. Try it, you will love it! Thanks, Mary T.!

  60. 60
    VictorianRose says:

    I am much older and have had some pretty harsh things happen in my life. When I met the “man of my dreams”…who asked me to marry him within a two week period of dating,…..and in my 20 year old NAIVE’ sate of mind….I said yes. ( Should have listen to my gut…. telling me NO !)… Well, we married, had three children in short order, and then after 8 1/2 years he moved out….and moved away with my best friend.
    I was not married to him longer enough… according to laws in the USA…. to receive any of his Social Security Money now ….it’s been most painful and financially devestating dealing with that “Dump”.
    So I guess the moral of this story is, be glad he walked out before you had children and you too where left to deal with the expense of them all yourself, with VERY inadquate child support payments over the years.
    Wow, should write a book I think…with all the other stuff that happened after this.
    But you cake sounds like my family witl love it…and most definately going to give it a try.
    Thank you for listening…. and sharing your story.

  61. 61
    Myrna says:

    Oh no…just took this out of oven and came back to read your post recipe comments( maybe should have done that sooner.). I’m confused. The recipe says pumpkin purée, but one of your comments says, maybe you used pumpkin instead of pumpkin pie mix. I followed the cope and use pumpkin! It’s cooling…so time will tell. But, which is it supposed to be? If it’s supposed to be pumpkin pie filling, you maybe should edit the recipe to say that. I had both here so could have easily used the pie filling.

  62. 62
    Adriana Kassay says:

    Is that regular evaporated milk or sweetened? Sorry if that is a dumb question!

  63. 63
    Roxanne Muchko says:

    How is this recipe deemed to be a dump cake? A dump cake you DUMP the ingredients they are NOT MIXED with a mixer. That is the what makes it a dump cake. I think this recipe should be revised not to be labeled a dump cake and just an ordinary cake or bar recipe.

  64. 64
    Cheryl says:

    I want to make this for Thanksgiving this year. Can I make it the day before?T I hope so because I will not have time on Thursday morning. When it is cooked, does it have to be refrigerated?

  65. 65
    Linda Panek says:

    This is to Die for. Delicious. Especially the whip cream!!!!!!!

  66. 66
    Andrea says:

    Hi Lizzie!

    This sounds delicious. I wonder if I could put a bottom crust on this recipe?

    Andrea Charles

  67. 67
    Tari says:

    Jordyn, I love your sense of humor in reference to “dump cake”. Can I tell you that I had to go through a lot of frogs to get my prince? I know it hurts, but he really doesn’t seem like a real loss. I can guarantee (as someone who has been there) that years down the road you will be SO glad that you didn’t end up with him!! Keep baking and please keep sharing your great recipes!!! You are a jewel and I hope you’ll not give your pearls to a swine like that!!

  68. 68
    Amanda says:

    Can I substitute filling for the puree? If so, what in this recipe should I modify?

  69. 69
    Kelly says:

    A find suggested this recipe to me. I am gluten free and followed exactly but used the 1 pound yellow gluten free cake mix from http://www.nuts.com and it was awesome!!!! No one could tell it was gluten free!!!!! Thanks.

  70. 70
  71. 71
    Chelsea says:

    Thank you so much for your recipe. I brought it to a party and everyone went crazy over it. So delicious and easy to make.

  72. 72
    Stan lett says:

    Was trying to view this on my tablet but ads for Ford and your facebook , twitter… Bar wanting me to like your site blocks me from reading your site, therefore I do not like it.

  73. 73
    sue says:

    im having trouble with these icons on left side of page covering up this posting area. im on a kindle. im going to do up this recipe of pumpkin dump cake ….sounds wonderful and ill bet its going to be better than pumpkin pie! I love pumpkin….its not just for the fall and winter either. I will be posting your pumpkin dump cake on my facebook. im sure all the gals will love it! after I make this and share it with friends im going to make the pumpkin coffee cake , too. thank you for all these great recipes!!!

  74. 74

    My fiance dumped me one week before Christmas 15 years ago. Hurt like hell then. And now my husband and I just celebrated 13 years of marriage.

  75. 75
    Brooke says:

    I really wish I’d trusted myself on this one and only put in one can of evaporated milk, rather than two. I knew it wasn’t going to solidify. Baked the damn thing for two hours. No good. Checked another website. Oh look, the same recipe. Oh? Just one can of evaporated milk?!! Dammit!

    • 75.1
      Tammy G says:

      I think you’re absolutely right Brooke. My pumpkin pie layer was way too runny like other people said and I agree that we should have only used one can of evaporated milk. The recipe poster even comments above that she used 12oz of evaporated milk. My cream cheese layer completely sank into the pumpkin pie layer, it didn’t lay on top like the picture showed. I’m bummed because the stupid cake is in the oven now and I know it’s not going to turn out. The recipe should be revised by the original recipe creator.

      • Rachel says:

        Tammy, I had the exact same issue: bottom layer WAY too watery, cream cheese layer completely sinking into it. Should’ve been one can of evaporated milk, not two. Hopefully it’ll still be delicious!

  76. 76
    Penny Habib says:

    I made this for a church meeting and it’s wonderful. I did substitute spice cake mix for the yellow and so the cinnamon and sugar wasn’t needed. I might combine the cake mix and butter to resemble a crumb topping, also. Will definitely keep this and make again. Thanks for sharing.

  77. 77
    Elise says:

    I’ve made this recipe multiple times with great success. But, for some reason this time is has not turned out. It filled my baking pan almost to the brim with just the filling. And, it’s been in the oven for over an hour and hasn’t set. Have you tweaked the recipe at all? I noticed you removed the pudding whipped cream instructions. I don’t remember it calling for 24 oz of evaporated milk last time. I’m wondering if that is the reason it’s not baking all the way through.

  78. 78
    Amanda says:

    Btw the recipe calls for pumpkin purée, but you keep saying pie filling. I’m fairly certain that’s why some have issues with the pumpkin setting up.

  79. 79
    Glenda williams says:

    Just made this cake and it came out really runny are you sure it’s two cans of evaporated milk. Help

  80. 80
    Rachel says:

    I agree with several of the comments I’ve seen so far. I was going to follow another recipe I have for pumpkin dump cake and just add the cream cheese step (and the cinnamon sugar), but I didn’t and now I wish I had. This recipe called for way too much evaporated milk, and possibly too much pumpkin as well. (The other recipe calls for half as much of each.) The bottom layer filled more than half my pan and was SUPER liquid-y, and my cream cheese mixture looked so sad because half of it disappeared into the pumpkin mixture. I’m sure it’ll still be delicious, but it’s very disappointing because I don’t think it’ll turn out as expected.

    PLEASE CHANGE THE RECIPE SO THAT AT LEAST THE MILK IS REDUCED. I’m sure this is why a lot of people are having trouble with this recipe setting up.

  81. 81
    Cathy Schwartz says:

    Made this for Thanksgiving. Glad I made 2 other recipes because this was awful. Pumpkin didn’t set up and the cake mix was too dry. Can’t even tell you if the flavors were good because it was just a mess of a dessert. I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

  82. 82
    Sandy Moore says:

    Are you sure you got the ingredients right? Because I had much more pumpkin pie mix in my 9×13 than you have in your picture and it will take way longer to cook what I poured in than 45 min… Please double check your ingredients…2 cans of pumpkin and 2 evap milk makes alot.

  83. 83
    denise groves says:

    I wish we could get her attention to fix the 2 cans of evaporated milk to only 1 can….. that is the problem with this recipe. This recipe is so popular on pinterest that I am sure we are not the only ones who are disappointed.

  84. 84

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    Appreciate it!

  85. 85
    nurse says:

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    have to apply these methods to youг won weblog.

  86. 86
    Patty says:

    My cake was like water as well. As I was about to put in oven and after reading through comments I believe I discovered the problem some of us were having. I had on,y used the regular can of pumpkin and not the big can. I baked for an hour and it set a little. But the taste was like a nothing burger. Such a disappoin,ent and putting all that together. But my mistake for not reading closely enough.

  87. 87
    Jan says:

    I made it, followed the directions exactly, and it turned out great. I did end up using 3/4 cup of butter on the top. Don’t take it out of the oven until the pumpkin layer is set. I served it at my book club meeting and everyone loved it!

  88. 88
    Tom says:

    so wondering if other cake mixes would work. Butter pecan or spice cake comes to mind?

  89. 89
    Terri says:

    So just checking that it is 2 cans of evap milk and one big can of pumpkin?

    • 89.1

      I have used 2 cans of evaporated milk (that’s technically the same ratio as making a regular pumpkin pie) but most people like using only 1 because it bakes quicker! And yes, that’s the large can of pumpkin puree!

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