Easy Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip

This Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip is so easy! And it's only 3 ingredients, my new summer favorite!

This fluffy and Easy Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip will be your new summer favorite because it packs a punch of lime and it’s only 3 ingredients! You can serve it with a platter of fruit or even Nilla Wafers and Teddy Grahams! Though I will admit, strawberries were a perfect fit for the lime flavor 🙂

This Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip is crazy easy to make and WOW does it pack a punch of lime flavor!

When I first whipped this up, I was expecting a subtle lime flavor. But wow was a wrong! I dipped a strawberry in and when I bit into it it was like an explosion of key lime pie in my mouth!  I used the cheesecake pudding mix so it was like a light a fluffy lime cheesecake sent from heaven…

This Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip is SO good! It was like an explosion of lime in in my mouth!! Plus, it's only 3 ingredients!

The graham crackers added a fun little tough of color and crunch. But make sure to only add them right before you plan on serving it, you don’t want them getting soggy after sitting in the dip all day long.  Store the dip in the fridge until you want to use it and feel free to swap out the lime juice for lemon or orange!  Yum! I love recipes that you can mix and match to make it you own 🙂

Easy Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip

Easy Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip


1 box instant pudding mix (cheesecake or Hershey's White Chocolate)
1/4 C. lime juice (fresh or Nellie and Joe's)
2 C. whipping cream
Graham Crackers and lemon zest for decoration


1. Pour instant pudding mix (small 4 serving pkg.), lime juice and whipping cream into a bowl or stand mixer. Using the which attachment or a hand held whisk, beat until stiff peaks form.
2. Pour into a bowl and top with crushed graham crackers and lime zest. (I would taste the dip and if it's limey enough for you, skip on the lime zest.)
NOTE: You can use vanilla instant pudding mix, but that will just dye it a little yellow. You can also add a few drops of green food dye to the dip if you want to get it really green.

3 thoughts on “Easy Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip

  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    Looks yummy!


  2. 2
    Victoria says:

    I bet this would go great on top of a cupcake, delicious!

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